Sweet Phillippines- Mabuhay

A lot has happened these couple of months. I got married with the best human in the world ( I’m sure everyone says that about their partner) and I decided to play hard. After working so much to get where I am professionally, I think its about time I embrace everything I have worked for and live to the fullest.

As I had stated in the last posts, your employer does not deserve your sweat and tears. If you are consistently attempting to genuinely learn something new, grow as a person and push your boundaries, you should be the most valuable employee. Who doesn’t want a worker that is malleable and that wants to constantly grow with the company?

I’m tired of institutions riding on my back for their advantage and using my browness against me.

As a result of my epiphany, I decided that I should start traveling the world, the way I always dreamt of doing. This month my partner and I decided too travel to the Phillippines, his motherland, and if its one thing I have learned best from this wonderful country is: mabuhay.


I am constantly surrounded by endless laughter, hospitality and happy faces. By people who make the most of sometimes almost nothing but that never forget to share in the wealth. Oh Phillippines you have restored something in me that I forgot I had, and that is my life.

So, to all those who are wondering when their lives will get better or when they will get a chance to live, my advice: take it while you can, you really only have one life to live.

Mabuhay my loves.

Might I also add that this was the place where my husband and I decided to conceive. 💜

#mabuhay #Phillippines #love #brownlove #empowered #latina

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