Empowering Others and Taking Less Space

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“Why does it matter to you, you’ll be gone next year.”

“Things don’t change overnight.”

“You know people have had this mentality for so long, sometimes you just can’t change their mind.”

I came into work today because I had an admissions presentation for prospective students. While waiting, I decided to ask one of my former students: how are you? How is everything? Whats going on with so and so?

After having her cathartic moment, I felt compelled to ask her: Do you have conversations like these with anyone else like your Dean of Students or Diversity Director?

Her answer, “No”.

“Why?” I said.

“Because there are only a few I trust that actually live what they preach and believe me when I state anything”, she said with a hopeful look.

Sometimes I am so wrapped up in my own world and my own issues that I forget there are other who have less opportunities to share their thoughts and anxities.

So today, I realized that the Board of Trustee meeting I was scheduled to have (I know its bizarre, im only an admissions counselor), was the proper space for the student.

As a result, I decided to invite her to a meeting that was an opportunity of a lifetime for me, that I was about to selfishly keep to myself, and share it with someone else who needed it.

As a human, it is my responsbility to give space and step aside for the next generation. To open spaces to voices who need it because if its one thing ive learned from crappy leadership, is how not to be.

To pass the baton. To share in the glory and to work together for a better future.

Afterall, this student will be the next university professor at someone’s university or college, I hope she knows im on her side and this time, im here to lift her up.

So, my advice: The space you take up,bring someone and share it.

#access #inclusion #success #mentorship #latina #chicana #highered #papelesprivileged

Image result for taking up less space

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