Moving Up- Tips

I’m in a good place. Our university was going through some tough times for a while and things have settled down, somewhat. Finally, the person that deserves to be a director (my supervisor) is finally my boss. He was my long time mentor and now I can safely say I have someone who I trust with my development. After 4 years of working hard, staying loyal and doing my best, I received a promotion and a raise but it was by pure luck. It was just something that happened coincidentally while also remaining vigilant of my environment.

I am lucky to have someone that trusts his employees but sees them as human beings with lives. Someone who understands the balance of life; Of not only having a professional but also a personal life. So how did I get here?

  1. I remained loyal
  2. Worked hard
  3. Found mentors
  5. Kept myself relevant

Loyalty means a lot to a company, especially in higher education and especially in admissions. Turnover is very much existent and having a seasoned department is rare. So remaining with the institution for as long as I have, while also taking advantage of the many opportunities offered to me and consistently stepping out of my comfort zone, has attributed to my promotion.

Worked hard. Yes I was that one person who stayed longer and sometimes way after my bosses left and gave updates about my whereabouts, no matter who was my boss at the time. Sometimes I would even stay at work until 10 pm and would easily have over 12 hour work days. I never kept that to myself and I always shared my progress because not everyone would do it and it clearly would show my passion for what I did. I wouldnt do it because I wanted a promotion or a raise, I stayed and did the extra work because I loved working with students. That is what people want to see. If you do decide to do this, just be careful, people are very quick to take advantage of people’s passions. When you see that happen, figure out how to scale up or down. The extra work youre doing, thats on you, so they shouldnt exploit it for their own gains. Just know your worth.

Mentor. I always, no matter where I was mentally and emotionally, found mentors inside and outside of my employer. Someone to help me move up within the university and an outsider that would help me without any negative agendas. Be aware of who your allies will be but always question everything. No matter who you connect with or talk to, everyone has their own agenda, negative or positive. Just be observant and close to those who provide real support. Be picky.

You cant find proper mentors without scanning within an institution and out, so make sure to network. I was always the type that stayed away from crowds. I valued a personal sit down than a whole audience to talk to. My advice, go to an event with the intent of at least walking away with knowing one person and contact information and ALWAYS follow up. For my introverts, I usually plan my conversations and walk in there with intent. It makes me feel better about controlling the situation. I dont really do it much now only because I have learned to improvise and talk to people on the spot, but its something that has helped me along the way.

Lastly, keep yourself relevant. Know where you stand and how much your worth. Talk to people at other schools or companies, with similar positions. Get to know what they do and the capacity they work in. Only then you will know whether you are overworking or under-working

Best of luck to everyone!

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