Fitting Room

It just hit me like a ton of bricks.

As much as I can preach about being body positive, it still hurts how different my body is right now.

Yes, I carried a baby for 9 months but it still hurts to try on pants after pants and wondering whether I’ll be head strong to try on the next without feeling disappointed.

This is my third week back at work, 3 weeks early than anticipated, and im in that place where im not as big as when I was pregnant but I’m bigger than my old self; nothing fits.

So if you’ve comento this blog post to get uplifted, I’m sorry to disappoint but I just can’t today.

I’m literally standing in the fitting room holding back every tear I can and waiting to walk out without looking like I just balled my eyes out.

Yes, I can workout but it’s still not the same. I have a huge scar and sore from my c-section. I also work alot. By the time I come back home from work, I just want to cuddle with my baby before he goes to sleeps.

I only have 1 hour window time to spend time with him on the weekdays. So while I’m over here at the stores trying to find something, I’m yearning to be by his side and feeling guilty.

I just can today.

#beingbodypositiveishard #tragametierra #latina #firsttimemom #pocmom

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